A summer vacation your whole family will agree on!

Think back to your childhood. What’s your favorite summer memory, and why? The team at Honey Creek Resort State Park has been thinking along these nostalgic lines. And our latest attraction may give your current memories some competition.

For ten years, Honey Creek Resort, has been a popular entertainment destination for families in the Midwest. This summer, things are really heating up with our newest addition – the Rathbun Lake Aquapark. This 3,900-square-foot floating playground is ideal for both kids and adults, making it perfect for your upcoming birthday parties, family reunions and summer vacations.


If you’ve been to an aquapark, then you know what the excitement is all about. For those of you who haven’t, our aquapark features 16 different inflatable components, including slides, climbing walls and balance beams – the kind of lighthearted amusements that would be enjoyable on dry land. Add in the waters of Rathbun Lake and the fun is kicked up a few dozen notches. All manner of wipeouts and laughs are guaranteed to ensue.

While the obstacles are complex, the formula is simple: it’s hard to beat fun on a lake on a gorgeous summer day. At the Rathbun Lake Aquapark, you can treat your family to a unique outdoor adventure that offers countless ways to get soaked.

The depth of the Aquapark lake ranges from 6-10 feet, and participants must weigh at least 40 lbs. Last summer’s hit activity, the Rathbun Lake water trampoline is included in admission to the Rathbun Lake Aquapark for even more lake fun.

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Life vests are required, but they’re provided by the Aquapark. These U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets feature extended armholes, giving you the flexibility to scale Action Tower XXL – at least in theory.

If you’re more of the land-loving type, grab a comfy seat and watch the action from the shore. You’ll be able to capture some priceless photos while staying dry.

The Aquapark debuted Memorial Day Weekend, and the sprawling Aquapark is a midsummer day’s dream. Open seven days a week, Aquapark tickets are available for morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Plus, packages are available with an overnight stay. For additional information or tickets, call toll-free at 866-797-5308. Or visit honeycreekresort.com/contact-us.

Make this summer one your family still talks about decades from now at the Rathbun Lake Aquapark. Delivering days of entertainment, good luck dragging your kids out when it’s time to go.

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