Fat tire bike in the snow on a winter day

So Much Fun During Spring Break at Honey Creek!

Spring break is a time for rest, relaxation, and at Honey Creek Resort – adventure. The resort’s staff has a jam-packed schedule planned for the March 15 – 23 break that includes outdoor and indoor activities that are exhilarating, awe-inspiring, educational and, of course, fun.

There’s still time to book your ideal spring break at Honey Creek. For reservations at the lodge, the cottages, or RV Parking, call 641-724-9100, toll-free at 866-797-5308 or online at http://www.honeycreekresort.com

Here are some of the scheduled activities.

Rock Your Spring Break

Painted rock with sailboat and lake
Honey Creek Resort offers plenty of outdoor recreation, but finding special stones will give you one more reason to explore the wilderness. There are 12 different painted stones hidden around the Honey Creek property. As you embark on your adventures, be on the lookout for these stones and have fun posting your findings on social media. #RocktheCreek #MyHoneyCreek
March 15 – 23

Galileo’s Telescope

Night sky with clear view of Milky WayDon’t miss the opportunity to gaze into the night sky with a telescope that’s more than 400 years old. Well, sort of. This “stellar” show, one of two programs led by NASA Ambassador Elwynn Taylor, begins with a short talk on how Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei crafted a telescope in 1610 that helped to revolutionize the field of astronomy and whose design endures today.

Afterward, guests will be able to use a telescope much like the one Galileo built to study the sky. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, the telescope can still be used indoors.

8:00 p.m.
Friday, March 15
Location: Lobby

The Earth, Sun and How the Weather Works

Planet Earth on black background

The second program led by Dr. Elwynn Taylor, is a hands-on learning event on understanding our enigmatic environment. Dr. Taylor will talk about the nature of climate and how plants and animals adapt.

9:00 a.m.
Saturday, March 16
Location: Lobby

Fat Tire Bike Ride

Fat tire bike in the snow on a winter day
What better way to enjoy the outdoors than a bike ride? Fat tire bikes are designed for any terrain, including snow and are an ideal way to explore Honey Creek. Sign up for the organized fat tire ride and see the park from a different perspective. Space is limited.
10:00 a.m.
Tuesday, March 19
Location: Nature Center

Morel Hunting

Morel mushroom in the forest
This is a perfect spring break adventure. Morel mushrooms are a delicacy that you won’t find in a grocery store. The exotic looking fungus is only found in the wild and can be harvested in the spring. Join our guides on a hike as they reveal the secrets to hunting these hard to find little forest treasures. Here’s a hint: search near trees – morels have a symbiotic relationship with many types.

10:00 a.m.
Wednesday, March 20
Location: Nature Center

Wildlife Signs Hike

Spring buds on branchesThis hiking trip will be a fact-finding endeavor. Your mission – find the promises of spring in the wilderness. Some of the signs to search for – animal tracks, antlers, migrating birds and sprouts.

11:30 a.m.
Friday, March 22
Location: Nature Center

Owl Power

Close up of owl with orange eyes
The Owl Power program includes two enthralling glimpses into this incredible bird. The first part is the dissection of an owl pellet – the regurgitated remains of an owl’s meal, including all the bones of the animals it ate (usually small rodents).

After the demonstration, the PBS presentation Owl Power will be shown detailing the “super powers” that make the owl one of the most successful hunters on earth.

4:30 p.m. Owl pellet dissection
5:00 p.m. Owl Power presentation
Saturday, March 23
Location: Ballroom

Nature Crafts

Yarn weaving on a twig
Discover nature’s wonders through hands-on craft making programs. Honey Creek’s staff of naturalists lead the nature-themed activities – taking full advantage of their natural surroundings.

1:00 p.m. Mud pie making
Friday, March 15, 22
Location: Activities Room

1:00 p.m. St. Pat’s green hair egghead
Saturday, March 16
Location: Activities Room
1:00 p.m. Native American Craft
Tuesday, March 19
Location: Activities Room

1:00 p.m. Snake hole
Wednesday, March 20
Location: Activities Room
1:00 p.m. Branch weaving
Thursday, March 21
Location: Activities Room

10:00 a.m. Wood cookie painting
Saturday, March 23
Location: Activities Room
Nature Bingo

The letters that spell Bingo
Who doesn’t love this classic game? The Honey Creek Resort will offer a slightly different version – one that helps you learn about the property’s animal population while playing an enjoyable game. Players will use traditional 5×5 cards, but animals will replace the number within the squares.

10:00 a.m.
Saturday, March 16
Location: Ballroom

1:30 p.m.
Saturday, March 23
Location: Ballroom

Dutch Oven Cooking 101

Dutch oven cooking vegetables
This program will make you hungry to learn and just plain hungry. Dutch oven cooking aficionados Ron and Judy Groenendyk will make Louisiana bread pudding during a hands-on demonstration using the cast iron cookware. Participants will leave with tips on Dutch oven cooking and a delicious treat at the end.

4:30 p.m.
Friday, March 22
Location: TBD


Young girl fishing at lake in summer
Honey Creek Resort overlooks “Iowa’s Ocean”– Rathbun Lake. With over 11,000 acres of water, Iowa’s second largest lake offers some of the most productive fishing in the state.

Fishing equipment is available for guest use. Fishing licenses can be purchased at Honey Creek Resort.

5:30 p.m. Night fishing
Friday, March 15
Location: Activities Room

10:00 a.m.
Thursday, March 21
Location: Nature Center

A summer vacation your whole family will agree on!

Think back to your childhood. What’s your favorite summer memory, and why? The team at Honey Creek Resort State Park has been thinking along these nostalgic lines. And our latest attraction may give your current memories some competition.

For ten years, Honey Creek Resort, has been a popular entertainment destination for families in the Midwest. This summer, things are really heating up with our newest addition – the Rathbun Lake Aquapark. This 3,900-square-foot floating playground is ideal for both kids and adults, making it perfect for your upcoming birthday parties, family reunions and summer vacations.


If you’ve been to an aquapark, then you know what the excitement is all about. For those of you who haven’t, our aquapark features 16 different inflatable components, including slides, climbing walls and balance beams – the kind of lighthearted amusements that would be enjoyable on dry land. Add in the waters of Rathbun Lake and the fun is kicked up a few dozen notches. All manner of wipeouts and laughs are guaranteed to ensue.

While the obstacles are complex, the formula is simple: it’s hard to beat fun on a lake on a gorgeous summer day. At the Rathbun Lake Aquapark, you can treat your family to a unique outdoor adventure that offers countless ways to get soaked.

The depth of the Aquapark lake ranges from 6-10 feet, and participants must weigh at least 40 lbs. Last summer’s hit activity, the Rathbun Lake water trampoline is included in admission to the Rathbun Lake Aquapark for even more lake fun.

sunset beach people sunrise

Life vests are required, but they’re provided by the Aquapark. These U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets feature extended armholes, giving you the flexibility to scale Action Tower XXL – at least in theory.

If you’re more of the land-loving type, grab a comfy seat and watch the action from the shore. You’ll be able to capture some priceless photos while staying dry.

The Aquapark debuted Memorial Day Weekend, and the sprawling Aquapark is a midsummer day’s dream. Open seven days a week, Aquapark tickets are available for morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Plus, packages are available with an overnight stay. For additional information or tickets, call toll-free at 866-797-5308. Or visit honeycreekresort.com/contact-us.

Make this summer one your family still talks about decades from now at the Rathbun Lake Aquapark. Delivering days of entertainment, good luck dragging your kids out when it’s time to go.

Hit The Greens With Fantastic Fall Deals!

Golf is better in the fall!
Effective Monday Sept. 17th, 2017, our Shoulder Season rates went into effect at The Preserve! We’re expecting fantastic weather well into the fall season, and to make things even better, we will not be aerifying greens this fall, which means you can golf with us, on pristine greens, whenever you’d like!
Autumn rates for 18-holes, with cart rental included, start at $42 on weekdays, and $48.50 on weekends! And take advantage of our special morning promotion of $39 per person on Monday through Thursday before 10am!

Free Golf

Want to make a trip out of it? Book a lake view room midweek at Honey Creek Resort and enjoy a round of golf at The Preserve on Rathbun Lake for free! Use promo code: FALLGOLF17 when booking. (Offer valid through 10/31/17)
Gorgeous weather, perfect golf – we’re ready and waiting for you!
Call 641-724-1400 to reserve a tee time or learn more or click here!
Hope to see you soon, on the course!

Fall In Love With Honey Creek

For many people, Labor Day signifies the end of summer. However, for others (like myself in the naturalist department), it marks the unofficial first day of fall. There are many things to love about fall, especially at Honey Creek Resort. The mornings become crisp and cool. Fog often hangs over Lake Rathbun making everything look soft and smudged. The green landscape of summer is transformed to a rich pallet of golds, reds, and oranges. As the sun rises over the lake, you can grab a bike and pedal out to one of the many scenic overlooks along the Savannah Ridge Trail. If early morning adventures aren’t your style, you can greet the morning with yoga on the Great Lawn, or curl up with a warm coffee in a cozy Adirondack chair and take in all the quiet beauty of the early morning.

Early morning is a great time see wildlife throughout Honey Creek. You may glimpse majestic eagles riding the air currents over the lake, or the many resident whitetail deer frolicking in the prairie. Early mornings are also a great time to go bird-watching along Honey Creek’s many nature trails. As you wind along the Lakeshore Trail you may see shorebirds such as great blue herons and cattle egrets, you may also see water fowl such as cormorants or swans as they prepare to migrate south for the winter. If you choose to wander the trails in the evening hours you may hear the enchanting call of “who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?” This distinct call belongs to a barred owl, one of three species of owl found year round at Honey Creek.

If you take the nature trail across the prairie you can’t help but notice the sea of brilliant goldenrod, purple asters, white boneset, and red sumac. Take a closer look and you will see another animal preparing for migration: monarch butterflies. Each year monarch butterflies travel up to 3,000 miles to the oyamel fir trees in Mexico to hibernate. Each September through early October the Naturalist team at Honey Creek Resort tags and tracks monarchs on this amazing migration. Guests are invited to participate in several hikes throughout the week to learn and assist in the annual tagging.



The blooming prairie also provides pollen and nectar for Honey Creek’s busiest residents: honey bees. The bees spend all day foraging across the prairie so they can make enough honey to sustain them over through the winter, and if we are lucky, enough for us harvest some as well. This fall the honey harvest will take place on September 29th. The Naturalist team will harvest the frames of honey from the hives, take it back to the Nature Center and extract it. Everyone is invited to drop in to watch the process and take home a sample of delicious Honey Creek honey.

honey bees

Summer is so often fast paced and gone before we know it. September gives us a chance to slow down and appreciate all the beauty nature has to offer this time of year. From our beautiful prairie to our busy bees, autumn is the perfect time to fall in love with Honey Creek Resort.

Escape to Rathbun Lake

The stunning Rathbun Lake was constructed and is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in Southeast Iowa. The second largest lake in Iowa, there are endless possibilities for fun and exploring at the lake, and Honey Creek Resort is a perfect home base to do it.

Rathbun Lake

The lake itself offers a panoramic view and lots of inlets to explore and visit. Staying at Honey Creek? Canoes and stand up paddle boards are included in your stay (while supplies last), and offer a fun and interesting way to explore the lake by water.

If you’re more of a land lover, explore the park by bike (also included in your stay), or hike one of the many trails throughout the property. Nature will astound you as deer pass in front of you and bald eagles soar overhead. It truly is a nature lovers dream destination!

Bring the whole family and stay in one of our fully stocked, gorgeous cottages. The kids will love the space to move and play, parents will love the privacy and chance to really unwind in a home away from home, with the view of a lifetime.


With so much to do, the only difficult part of a stay at Honey Creek Resort on Rathbun Lake, is deciding what to do first!

Summer Fun at Honey Creek Resort

One of the things we get most excited about, here at Honey Creek, is the arrival of summer! With endless activities and things to do, Rathbun Lake offers visitors a chance to escape, relax, and get back to nature!

Women enjoying beautiful summer day at lake

One of the coolest parts of an overnight stay at Honey Creek, is all of the included activities and fun that come with your visit. Whether you want to bike or kayak, fish or jump on a water trampoline… it’s all available to you complimentary with your stay!

Bikes 7

Also available is on site boat and jet ski rentals, perfect for a day of fishing and chilling on the lake. To reserve a boat slip or learn more about renting or bringing your own watercraft, please give us a call at 641-724-1450, we’d love to help you out.

hcr-activities-jet-ski-dad-daughter-6 (1).jpg

Hike around, play a round of golf, visit our naturalists, hit the beach for water play… it’s all here, just waiting for your arrival!

We look forward to sharing all kinds of info, behind the scenes sneak peeks, and more about our beautiful resort!

Want to learn more – head to our main website and start planning your getaway now!